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Why Cadiz?

The following are the simple reasons why our firm is distinctive and preferable by our clients:


  • Our Practice

  • Our People

  • Reputation

  • Doing the Right Things

  • Technical Excellence

  • Our Strong Commitment to Quality

  • Communication

  • Our Client-Focused Service Approach

The following are the simple reasons why our firm is distinctive and preferable by our clients:


Our Practice

We are well positioned with substantial experience in rendering professional advisory services to strategic clients. We have both the skill and enthusiasm to bring significant value to our clients.


Our People

We have assembled a team with proven ability.


We provide our clients with a high-level team of accomplished professionals. This team works well together and is highly capable of exceeding your service expectations. We will provide our clients with a team of professionals who have the talent, technical proficiency, and industry experience and communication skills to serve you with distinction. You will be dealing with people who will continuously strive to know your organization and understand your business requirements — people you can trust. We have an engagement team that will meet your needs for enhanced day-to-day communication and greater cost effectiveness. You will benefit from a fresh approach and fresh perspectives.



We aspire to build a reputation based on the highest degree of integrity, high quality and superior services, and strong commitment to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectation.


Doing the Right Things

Our ability to recognise and act in accordance with our professional responsibilities to public stake holders coupled with our strong commitment to objectivity and independence.


Technical Excellence

On-going training in technical matters for all professionals and our belief in continuous improvement and added value for our clients and end-users


Our Strong Commitment to Quality

Our dedication to attracting, recruiting and retaining the best people and providing high quality services that combine performance with value pricing are evidence of our commitment to high standard of quality. We are confident of our ability to deliver exceptional client service.



We communicate effectively.


We believe that a carefully thought-out communication strategy is essential for quality client service. An important element in enhancing communications will be the role of the engagement management. This will make it easier for you to communicate with us and will enable us to stay more involved on issues as they arise and, when possible, resolve them quickly and efficiently. The key benefits are that issues are discussed at the formative stage and our input is given when it can be most valuable.


Our Client-Focused Service Approach

The key attributes of our client-focused service approach are:


•Ensuring that integrity and honesty are fundamental qualities of all our people.

•Focusing everything we do on meeting the needs of our clients and helping them excel.

•Anticipating needs, developing workable solutions to problems, and rapidly responding to questions and service requests.

•Building enduring relationships with our colleagues and our clients, founded on mutual respect and the strong belief that teamwork invariably produces the best results.


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